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*building pictured above may or may not be actual SLS Headquarters

With over 60 years of combined Consulting experience, we help our clients solve complex problems with elegant yet pragmatic solutions. Our value is that not only are we experts in technology, but we strive to understand the underlying processes that drive your business. Our solutions are not one-size-fits all, but are tailored to your company using industry-best standards where the customer comes first.

ERP Consulting

We specialize in QAD's ERP application (formerly known as MFG/PRO). We can provide services such as Custom Programming, Database Administration, Upgrades, Service Packs and System Administration around the deployment and implementation of QAD. We have extensive experience in just about all versions of MFG/PRO from 8.6e to QAD EE and many of the add-ons like QXtend and EAM.


We also have assisted several of our customers using Epicor and Microsoft Dynamics. If you are looking for integration or migration services to different ERP systems, we have successfully assisted our customers in this area. Whether you need to migrate data over to a new system or move data from one type of database to another, we can help.


What differentiates us from most all the other QAD consultants out there is our diverse skillset. While we are entirely fluent with the full QAD technical stack, we also work with a huge range of industry-leading technologies outside of the QAD space. What this means is that if you have a tricky technical issue that requires a solution outside of the proverbial "box" of the typical ERP consulting group, give us a shot at solving your problem.

Our QAD specific skills:
  • Progress Openedge (aka 4GL)
  • Progress Database
  • Progress Webspeed
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Optio
  • EDI
  • Business Process
And even MORE skills :
  • Python / Django
  • Socket.IO
  • C# / Unity
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Node.JS

The fruition of this wide-range of technical expertise is seen in our flagship product Pocket-E. It harnesses the power of the Unity®Pro engine and leverages our extensive business experience to dynamically visualize enterprise data.

Pocket-E can make your business better. Click here to learn how!

About Us

SLS Group was formed when one of our big corporate customers was uncomfortable using our actual company name, Semi-Legitimate Software, on a consulting opportunity. As a result, we created a standard, vague, three-letter acronym consulting group name and now everyone is happy!

I didn't sell out son. I bought in.

- Stevo's Dad